Frequently Asked Questions



When is burning off permitted and do I need a permit? Click here for The City of Albany Restricted Burning Periods
How do I get a burning permit? You will need to obtain a Permit Application Form from Here and send it to the Fire Control Officer in you area.
Who can join the brigade? Anyone can join our brigade. To be an Active Firefighter you will need to be over 16 and reasonably fit, but there are also non active roles for those who don't want to work on the firefront but who would still like to be involved, such as Callout Co-ordinators, and some Office Bearers.
Can I join if I'm under 16? Yes, if you are under 16 but over 14 can join as a cadet and be involved in training activities and other brigade events that don't include being at the firefront.
How do I join? Download an Application Form Here .

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Firebreak at a Tree Plantation
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