Protecting Your Home

  • Create a 20 meter circle of safety around your home - rake up leaves and twigs regularly (note where leaves gather, this is where embers will settle in a fire), slash high grass and weeds, trim branches overhanging your house, remove and store fuel supplies and chemicals away from the house, keep gutters clean.
  • Ensure you comply with local firebreak requirements.
  • Check condition of roof and repair any spaces where sparks can enter.  Cover in open eaves.
  • Locate LP gas cylinders on the side of the house away from the likely direction of a bush fire.
  • Have protective clothing on hand for all the family - long sleeved cotton shirt, long cotton trousers, good boots, hat, goggles, gloves.

Checklist if Fire Approaches
  • Protect yourself - wear protective clothing (see above).
  • Drink plenty of water, even if you don't feel thirsty.
  • Wet down the house, block down pipes and fill gutters.
  • Turn off airconditioners (but leave the water running).
  • Bring outdoor furniture inside.
  • Bring in hoses and hose fittings so they wont be destroyed when a fire approaches.
  • Keep a supply of wet towels and rags to keep yourself cool and for placing at the bottom of doors to stop smoke from entering. 
  • Fill bath, sinks and buckets with water in case the water supply is cut.

Decide before a fire threatens

Stay and Defend or Go Early


'Prepare, Act, Survive' Booklet

'The Homeowner's Bush Fire Survival Manual'

Bushfire Related Fact Sheets

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