Association of Volunteer Bushfire Brigades


The Kalgan Volunteer Bushfire Brigade is one of over 600 such brigades which collectively comprise this organisation, otherwise known as the AVBFB, which has as its vision – 'A strong, independent and respected advocacy agency and the united voice for Voplunteer Bush Fire Brigades in Western Australia.'


Committee members selected by some 25,000 volunteer firefighters statewide strive to represent Bush Fire Brigade volunteers and advocate for their optimum health, welfare, safety and recognition by:


  • being knowledgeable of and responsive to their needs
  • delivering transparent and accountable processes
  • developing relationships and alliances with stakeholders
  • being proactive and influential in decision making and policy development.


Historical Group
The Association has a historical group which has been endeavouring to save fire trucks that have come out of service since the standardization of Western Australia’s bushfire brigade fleet since 2003.


For further information contact  –


                                                Phone                                        email

Chris Sousa (Chairperson)      0428 611 125    

Brian and Pam Hamence        9761 2872

Eddie van Rijnswoud             9293 3494






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