Fire Units at the Lower Kalgan
Hall, Late 1980's

Fighting a fire in one of the
old Bedfords around 1990

1996 - preparing the site for
the Lower Kalgan Shed

The Kalgan Fire Brigade formed in 1940. It was then basically a farmer's co-operative with privately owned equipment. By 1963 there were 31 members still using privately owned equipment. In 1968 the brigade was able to purchase 2 pumps and trailers of its own and in 1978, bought 6 single sideband radios (5 watt) and around that time ran the first training course. In 1980 a Nissan Fast attack was purchased and in 1981 a 50 watt base station and 2 mobile units. Then a Honda Davey G200 pump unit was added in 1982. 1984 saw the first submission to the Council to allow Optional Perimeter Firebreaks. There were 30 paid up members at this time. An Austin 2 wheel drive and 2 Bedford 4 wheel drive trucks were bought from Calm in 1985. At this time the Council allowed Operational Perimeter Firebreaks on the understanding that the three trucks would be maintained in readiness at all times. The Austin was sold in 1991 and a third Bedford purchased. The Upper Kalgan shed was built in 1993 and a two bay shed built on private land. In 1995 the Kalgan River (Upper Kalgan) and the Lower Kalgan Brigades were amalgamated and the following year the two bay shed was moved to its current site next to the Lower Kalgan Hall. An ex Calm Mazda 4 wheel drive was purchased and equipped and the first fire fighting unit funded by the State Government was bought in an effort to improve efficiency of brigades throughout the state, a Landrover Fast Attack. More shed space was need and in 1997 a new two bay shed was added at Lower Kalgan. 1998 saw the purchase of another State Government funded truck, a Hino Heavy Tanker 2.4. This year also saw the Upper Kalgan shed renamed the Greg Ball Upper Kalgan Fire Station to commemorate the contribution of Greg Ball to the Bush Fire Brigades of Albany. In 2000 an ex Calm Isusu 3.4 Heavy Tanker was delivered and in 2004 the LandRover was replaced by a Land Cruiser Light Tanker. The 3.4 was moved to the Cheyne Beach Brigade and replaced by a City of Albany 3.4 unit on loan. In 2013 the City relocated its 3.4 loan unit to the works depot, and the Mazda 1.4 was replaced with an Isuzu 2.4.  In 2016 the Land Cruiser Light Tanker was replaced with a newer V8 powered model. Early 2017 the Hino 2.4 was replaced with another Isuzu 2.4 Broadacre.

Currently the Brigade has three units: the 2016 Land Cruiser Light Tanker, and 2017 Isuzu 2.4 (Alpha) Broadacre heavy tanker located at the Lower Kalgan sheds, and the 2013 Isuzu 2.4 (Bravo) Broadacre heavy tanker located at the Upper Kalgan sheds. The old Bedfords are also still around the brigade area (privately owned).  We now have 50 trained firefighters on the callout list and also have a group of non firefighting members who provide support.

John and Marion Bocian
with a Bedford around 1990


Lower Kalgan Shed and
trucks, late 1990's


Fire Trucks old and new,


Fire Control Officers

Brigade Captains


Frank Gomm
Cliff Saggers
Bill Norman
Ossie Thorn
Bill Norman
Roley Webb             
Bill Murby                     
Alf Jackson
Carlton Hallett
Jim Marden
Alf Jackson
John Bocian
Graeme Poole
Ross Fenwick
Graeme Poole
Darryl Bradley

Frank Gomm
Bill England
Bill Murby
Dan Bastyan
Stan Hunton
Alf Manton
Carlton Hallett
Frank Robinson
Dick Overheu
Alan Charleston
Ross Smith
Ken Webb
Don Tomlinson
Graeme Poole
Darryl Bradley

Taken from material produced by Alan Cotton et al.

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