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The Kalgan Volunteer Bushfire Brigade protects the area to the east of Albany and is the largest of the fourteen brigades in the City of Albany area. The brigade provides fire protection and fire awareness for its population of approximately 2,000 residents. The brigade has two fire stations in two separate locations. One, at Lower Kalgan , has a heavy duty appliance and a light tanker. The other, at Upper Kalgan , is about six kilometres to the North and houses one heavy duty appliance. All fire fighting vehicles are available to attend a fire, regardless of its location. The Kalgan area includes residential, rural, vineyards, blue gum and pine plantations, a mine, sheep and cattle farms and nature reserves. Natural vegetation consists of coastal heath and low forest.

The Brigade is a totally voluntary organisation with volunteers coming from all walks of life including farmers, teachers, building and construction trades people, agricultural scientists, technicians, engineers, chaplains, clerical workers, medical workers, labourers, public officers, retirees, and even a Real Estate Salesman !
Approximately 15% are women. 

We are always looking for new members, as firefighters and in other roles.  Training and protective clothing are provided free of charge and there is no minimum time commitment.  So if you feel like trying something different, making new friends and performing a worthwhile service for the community, please contact the Secretary now.

Farmlands, Hunton Road

Tree Plantation, Dempster Road

Bushland, Gull Rock Reserve

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